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  • Easily maintain a database of all current and past prospects and clients

  • Manage emails, letters, phone calls, and appointments

  • Integrate existing email accounts, and exchange messages within the app

Marketing Tools

  • Monitor Marketing Efficiency

  • Analyze Lead sources

  • Compose and distribute mass emails

  • Track campaign progress across different channels

Sales Tools

  • Sort and Track Inventory

  • Monitor staff performance

  • Track pricing trends

Powerful Reports

Dominate your data with reports showing everything from marketing efforts to your total sales! Track sales down to individual employees. Quickly generate inventory lists, schedules, and much more!

Custom Built
& Customizable

Property Sales Advantage   was conceived and designed specifically for marketing and selling real estate properties. Settings allow you to customize everything from the app's appearance to pick list items, ensuring that it fits your needs.

Ready to get started?

Use the "Contact Us" form to set up a demo, ask questions, or arrange an installation!

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